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Warning: Not All Registry Cleaners are Created Equal
Posted by Boost Admin on 05 April 2012 02:43 PM
Warning: Not All Registry Cleaners are Created Equal
If you've compared PC HealthBoost to other registry cleaners on the market you may have noticed that our program generally finds less errors than a lot of our competitors.

A number of a customers have asked us:

"Is PC HealthBoost not finding all the errors? Why does it find less errors than (they'll mention the name of a competitor)?"

Upon further investigating we discovered a shocking truth: many of our competitors were inflating their number of errors in order to scare people into buying their product.

How do we know they're inflating their numbers? Because when we ran these competitor registry cleaners on a brand new windows machine they return 100s sometimes 1000s of errors!

Here's how they inflate the numbers:

By claiming junk files are errors (which can be in the 10's of thousands)
By falsly reporting certain errors
By inflating errors in certain categories
This over-inflation of results has become an all too common practice in this industry, even among some big brand names.

Our Promise to Our Users:

Our Programs will NEVER Inflate the Number of Errors on Your PC
In fact, we go the extra mile by working closely with our development team to make sure that users are NOT getting false positive errors on any of the registry scans they run.

Our commitment is to the integrity of our products so that they do what they're supposed to: improve the stability and performance of your computer, and NOT to compromise it.

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